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An All-Encompassing Education

At Countryside Montessori, our main goal is to make your child feel accepted and important while developing their cognitive abilities. Our diverse and fun daily activities will stimulate your children’s understanding, catering to all social and learning levels in the process. We don’t forget about fun, either! We incorporate all of our lessons in a way that your child will enjoy.

We offer programs and services to fit your child and family’s needs, including:

  • Developmental preschool programs
  • Before and after school programs
  • Reading readiness and writing lessons
  • Planned developmentally age-appropriate learning activities
  • Preschool education
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • After school daycare programs

Our Curriculum

The curriculum at Countryside Montessori is developed with your child’s individual learning style in mind. Our hands-on approach will give your child the independence to self-teach while we guide them on the right path towards successful and holistic learning. They will make new discoveries every day that they would not normally be able to in a traditional classroom.

Our child-centered learning curriculum focuses on repetition of a skill, task, or subject until mastery! Students move at their pace, repeating until they feel comfortable in the understanding of said subject or skill.
pre school services and curriculum, Countryside Montessori, Lapeer, MI

Practical Life Skills

Learning is a lifelong skill but with young children especially, the time for life skills development is as vital as ever. The practical life skills area is one of the most valued and utilized learning areas in the classroom here at Countryside Montessori. By practicing and perfecting their coordination, independence, concentration, and organizational skills, your child will excel in other academic areas as a result.

Sensorial Learning

Your child will actively develop each of their five senses by helping them distinguish, categorize, and relate new information to what they already know.

Math Learning

Math can be one of the more frustrating, harder to learn subjects in traditional education. At Countryside Montessori, however, math is made more enjoyable. We use concrete materials to represent all types of quantities to engage your child in the basic operations of mathematics — combining, separating, sharing, counting, and comparing. No longer should math be considered a disliked subject! By touching and moving actual items, your child will learn to love math.

Language Learning

The language learning area is crucial for the development of your child, especially at the age our students are — 2 and a half through kindergarten. While traditional language development only uses two of the five senses, language activities at Countryside Montessori engage three of the five senses. Your son or daughter will use touch, sight, and sounds to learn language and phonetics.

And More!

In addition to the learning areas outlined above, your child will be engaged in multiple other subjects, as well. Science, geography, introductory cooking, Spanish, and sign language are all subjects your child will be introduced to.

Still wondering how an education at Countryside Montessori could benefit your child? Give us a call and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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